The Arizona Neuropsychological Society ("AzNS") was formed in 2009 by a group of neuropsychologists in Arizona. Our organization is designed to be a forum for education, discussion and networking, among practitioners of those scientific disciplines that can contribute to a greater under-standing of brain-behavior relationships, in general, and of neuropsychological disorders, in particular.

AzNS was formed:

  • To enhance education regarding various neuropsychological disorders, their assessment, and interventions
  • To facilitate clinical referrals to its membership, as may be appropriate for meeting the needs and serving the best interests of persons with neuropsychological disorders and disabilities.
  • To provide an opportunity for peer review for members, through formal or informal consultation.
  • To provide an opportunity for the formulation and expression of position statements in matters of public policy and legislation.
  • To promote research in brain-behavior relationships
  • To enhance communication among health care providers of complimentary disciplines